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Baron: THL Ragenald de Holecumb
Baroness: THL Clota of Holecumb

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Chief Lady in Waiting: THL Midfjardar Dalla (Dalla)

Captain of the Guard: THL Cormac MacLeod


Seneschal: Baroness Miðfjarðar-Dalla
The Seneschal acts as the administrative head of the group.


Arts & Sciences Minister: Lady Avina Ramsey
Deputy A&S Minister:

This office coordinates arts and sciences activities for the group, arranging classes and demonstrations, and leading participants to others who work in fields of their interest.


Chatelaine (Our Newcomer’s Contact): Lady Avina Ramsey
Deputy Chatelaine: Lord Malcom Macmatha

They may also be contacted via our social media pages.

In charge of welcoming and facilitating new participants into the SCA including recruiting, on boarding, and transitioning members from other branches.


Chronicler: Lord Malcom Macmatha
Deputy Chronicler: Lady Avina Ramsey

Produces and edits the group’s newsletter.


Constable: Baron Cormac Macleod of Ostaig
The Constable is in charge of keeping the peace at events, enforcing regulations concerning events, to insure safety, and the operation of the Baronial lost and found.


Exchequer: Elizabeth Nic Gabhahn
Deputy Exchequer: Baroness Muirenn Inghean Chon Ruaidh

Exchequer handles the financial matters of the group.


Herald: Lady Ginevra Vidrio
This officer is in charge of heraldic activities, such as the creation and registration of names and arms.


Lysts: Baroness Muirenn Inghean Chon Ruaidh
This officer organizes and tracks tournament activities.


Marshal: Vacant
The marshal, administrates armored combat activities for the group.

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Webwright: Lord Gurin Bodo

Derived from webmaster, this officer is in charge of maintaining the internet presence of the group.

If you have suggestions, comments or complaints about our web site, please contact the Webwright above and let them know.


Social Media Officer: Lord Gurin Bodo
Deputy Social Media Officer: Baroness Maggie Shaw

The Office of Social Media encourages the enthusiastic but responsible use of social media on a variety of platforms to support the goals of the Society and introduce the Current Middle Ages to new audiences who might like to participate with us.


Thrown Weapons Marshal: Baroness Maggie Shaw
The thrown weapons marshal is in charge of setting up and running the thrown weapons area at events.

Archery Marshal: THL Michael Leon of Boulton
The archery marshal is in charge of setting up and running the archery range at events.

10904890_10204911568180897_51815915_nYouth Activities Coordinator: Vacant
The youth activity coordinator administrates youth activities at events.