Here is a list of upcoming events for the both the Kingdom of Caid and the Barony of Nordwache. You are invited to inquire about any upcoming event and we look forward to seeing you!  Events in Yellow are local events and events in Blue are Kingdom events.


These events happen in the Barony of Nordwache. More information can be found at our discussion list.

Our love and chivalry event occurs in February.  This annual event kicks off our year.

Treasure Chest battles:
Our annual spring event happens in April and has been held at several beautiful locations within the borders of Nordwache.  It is a full camping event with many battles and activities planned.

Our Baronial Anniversary is in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains near North Fork, CA*. This annual camping event happens in the middle of June on Father’s Day weekend.

Our day of Arts & Science goodness, with various classes offered. Join us and learn something new with our teachers.

Pirate Tourney:
Aaargh, matey, it is time for the SS Nordwache to weigh anchor and set sail once again! Come and join us at our annual Pirate Tourney, now in the fall. Fight on the gang plank of a pirate ship, and fight off those brigands to win.

Celebrate Yule with us! Celebrated every year near the beginning of December.

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